It was all just a dream..

My journey began when I turned to yoga seeking relief from a number of health issues, mainly back pain and depression which followed from a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.


I found participation in the local Yoga classes difficult. I was very inflexible, and suffered pain holding positions for long periods of time.


I noticed it wasn't only me that was straining to maintain positions, others would too, which often lead them to injury. Once someone had a bad experience, they would never return, and were left with only medication as their salvation from a life of pain.

I developed a method at home for my personal practice which was comfortable for me. Within weeks, my physical and mental health changed dramatically. I no longer needed the medication which had weighed on me for years, and my life took a turn for the best. I just knew I had to share this gift with other people and so I completed my teacher training course, and created what is now known as SlowFlow Yoga Therapy.


I have seen some truly remarkable results. I never dreamed I would be able to influence as many lives as I have, let alone win awards for it.


Yoga Flow Wales would be nothing without the support of loyal students and friends over the years. I am just one man trying to make a difference, but no difference would have been made without every single person involved.

Thank you so much for reading, please continue to check out the rest of the page, and please feel free to approach me with any questions. Namaste. 


Education and awards;


School of Natural Health Sciences

Coleg Sir Gar

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Edexcel - Pearson

United Dance Organisation:

International Dance Organisation

Three Best Rated

Amongst others.

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